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If it doesn't challenge you, then it doesn't change you.

- Fred Devito


Ready to Break the Cycle?

"Breaking the Cycle" is reaching that point where you are fed up with being where you are.  Whatever is keeping you from getting to where you want to be, whether mentally, physically, and/or emotionally, Defining Moment Fitness is ready to come alongside you during your personal journey to change. 


Why Hire A Personal Trainer

There are so many great reasons to hire a personal trainer, but we'll just name a few.

  • Maintaining proper form is just the beginning, so your personal trainer will help you learn how to perform exercises safely and properly. This will help you to maximize your time in the gym, and get the results you want.
  • Accountability. Everyone needs an extra push sometimes, and your trainer will make sure you have it. 
  • Learn More. Learn new exercises, break through a plateau, or challenge yourself in new ways. Your trainer is here to help you reach your fitness goals and challenge you beyond your comfort zone.
  • Haven't worked out in a while? Your trainer will set you up with a customized fitness and nutrition program. You will learn what exercises you should be doing, and what you should be eating to reach your fitness goals. 


We Specialize In:


Weight Loss
Building Muscle
Nutritional Guidance
Youth and Child Fitness
Online Programming/Monitoring
Motivational and Accountability Support

Whatever you need, we have just the plan for you!


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Training Programs

We offer a variety of training sessions to meet the unique needs of those with a busy lifestyle. Despite your fitness goals or current fitness capabilities, we will make sure you leave every workout session educated and motivated for the next one. We have a variety of on-going training groups and individual training sessions available, so if you have any questions, we are always here to help to point you in the right direction. 


A one-on-one training program that focuses specifically on your fitness goals. Individual sessions start with a physical evaluation to assess your current fitness level. It is designed to monitor your progress, and make modifications to your program to ensure maximum results.

Partner Training

Allows you and a friend to do personal training sessions together; it is great for friends or spouses who have similar fitness goals.  Physical limitations, current fitness level, and other factors are always taken in to consideration during program design.

Small Groups

Three to five individuals participating in a workout program together. The workout program is customized for each participant, so individual goals are set for each person. Peer support is high in this type of training and offers encouragement for all participants.  

Bootcamps or Large Groups

Whether you have a large group of friends or co-workers, let the fun begin in this group workout that's made easier by the trainer coming to you!  This program is good for any budget, as it will get you a great quality workout at a low cost.

Online Training

Goal specific programming designed to achieve the results you desire.  All programming is via email and/or skype.  


Pricing varies depending on the needs, number of participants, and beginning point of the individual(s) participating in the above programs.  

Please call, email, or fill out an informational request form for more detailed information and to arrange your Free Consultation.

Nutrition Plans


Nutrition is much more than just counting calories.

Getting fit is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. 


Meal Planning

Preparation is the key to success. If your meals are planned in advance, you take the guess work out of it. You will be eating the whole, nutritious, and healthy foods you already love, and you'll discover some new ones along the way. We believe that a truly balanced diet is made up of Real Whole Foods.


Online Nutrition Planning

In reality, very few people have the knowledge or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy…until now!

Defining Moment Fitness has an Online Nutrition Program that is here to help you create your own personalized diet! Other systems email you a list of their approved foods, or help you count calories. Our patent-pending system uses a radical new approach, and works with you like YOUR OWN PRIVATE NUTRITIONIST to help you create completely balanced meal plans using YOUR favorite foods.


Click on the Online Nutrition button below to access our online meal planning tool.

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