Training Programs

We offer a variety of training sessions to meet the unique needs of those with a busy lifestyle. Despite your fitness goals or current fitness capabilities, we will make sure you leave every workout session educated and motivated for the next one. We have a variety of on-going training groups and individual training sessions available, so if you have any questions, we are always here to help to point you in the right direction. 


A one-on-one training program that focuses specifically on your fitness goals. Individual sessions start with a physical evaluation to assess your current fitness level. It is designed to monitor your progress, and make modifications to your program to ensure maximum results.

Partner Training

Allows you and a friend to do personal training sessions together; it is great for friends or spouses who have similar fitness goals.  Physical limitations, current fitness level, and other factors are always taken in to consideration during program design.

Small Groups

Three to five individuals participating in a workout program together. The workout program is customized for each participant, so individual goals are set for each person. Peer support is high in this type of training and offers encouragement for all participants.  

Bootcamps or Large Groups

Whether you have a large group of friends or co-workers, let the fun begin in this group workout that's made easier by the trainer coming to you!  This program is good for any budget, as it will get you a great quality workout at a low cost.

Online Training

Goal specific programming designed to achieve the results you desire.  All programming is via email and/or skype.  


Pricing varies depending on the needs, number of participants, and beginning point of the individual(s) participating in the above programs.  

Please call, email, or fill out an informational request form for more detailed information and to arrange your Free Consultation.